Girls learn to shop from their mums

It’s a fact that girls love to shop, but now you can blame it on your mum as new research suggests women copy their mother's shopping habits

Retail therapy is every girl’s favourite past-time, but a new study reveals that women have a tendency to copy their mother’s shopping habits.

Dr Karen J Pine, Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, interpreted the results form a recent Debenhams sale and suggests women are brought up to love shopping through years of intense exposure to fashion.

‘Human society puts a great deal of emphasis on female appearance and this will inevitably result in more clothes being purchased for girls and boys,’ says Dr Pine. ‘While dads are taking their sons to football matches, women are taking their little girls shopping.’

As mothers tend to buy most of their children’s outfits, they instil a greater need for clothes in their daughters from a young age. Debenhams spokesman Ed Watson says: ‘It looks like the mum’s the word on this one and the boys aren’t getting a look in.’


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