Unseen Kate Moss: See The Supermodel’s First Ever Shoot

Caroline Leaper

Ohhh Kate Moss. How we love your 90s throwback pictures.

And now a never-before-seen shoot has emerged, claimed to be Kate’s first ever, snapped for her model agency Storm back in 1988.

Aged just 14, a fresh-faced Kate looks gorgeous in a simple white shirt, practicing her poses for photographer Owen Scarbiena’s lens.

The pictures are set to go on display at Hampstead’s Zebra One Gallery (www.zebraonegallery.com) in Hampstead in a new exhibition called Kate Moss: Unseen, opening in the middle of London Fashion Week on 22nd February.

The unearthed collection promises ‘A unique glimpse of a young Kate Moss as she takes her first steps into a career that would touch the worlds of fashion, music and celebrity’ and features full sized prints as well as gorgeous film reels.

Just when you thought you’d already pinned all of your favourite Mossy inspiration pictures onto your mood board, ay?

Scouted by Storm Models' lead agent Sarah Doukas in 1988, Kate was just 14 years-old when she was discovered at New York's JFK airport.

The ‘waifish’ Croydon teen took over the modelling world in the 90s, as her Brit beauty stood out next to the Amazonian supermodels who had dominated the scene in the 80s.

See all the preview pictures in the gallery above, and chart more of Kate’s most memorable 90s pictures with us here. 


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