10 Celebrity Closets That Will Make Your Own Wardrobe Feel Very Small Indeed

Caroline Leaper
Kylie Jenner's Closet

As Khloe Kardashian gives fans a peek into her incredible fitness closet (that's right, this is just for her gym gear) we’re taking a snoop inside some of the biggest, most incredible celebrity wardrobes out there. Because it’s all about #Walk-InGoals, right?

Khloe Kardashian
Sweet Adidas! Khloe Kardashian has an actual room dedicated to just her fitness wear and she's giving fans a tour on her website. Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design created the 150 square foot space, which is filled with over 90 pairs of trainers and 70 gym ensembles. How many times a day can one woman actually work out and change? The challenge, clearly, is on.

Blake Lively
Blake keeps her Chanel pearls in a perspex tray with the fashion world's redeemer, Anna Wintour, depicted inside. Sure. In posting this Instagram snap of her closet, she's also giving us a glimpse at her rather large shoe collection, which basically looks like an actual Louboutin store. Jealous, us?

Kylie Jenner
We have serious #ClosetEnvy for this one. After recently taking fans on a tour of her glam room, Kylie Jenner has released a video of her insane wardrobe - a three room affair with dedicated display units for heels, bags and red carpet gowns.

See even more pictures of all the celebrity closets in the gallery above…

Mariah Carey
When Mariah Carey posted an Insta-snap of her shoe closet this summer, the fashion world went into slight meltdown. Why? Note first, the excellent cataloguing of styles – boots, then courts, then sandals, all grouped. Note the gold leaf detailing on the floors. And finally, let's note that this is JUST the gold section of the 1,000 pair collection. Yikes.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely
Rosie took ultimate interiors website, The Coveteur, on a tour of her LA home, revealing her stunning boudoir set-up. With a blush velvet sofa, and tons of Louis Vuitton luggage, this is one room we'd actually rather enjoy ourselves. 

Miranda Kerr
Modest, you say? Well yes, until you realise there are 10+ more wardrobes where this one came from. Supermodel Miranda has wardrobes within walk-in wardrobes, you see. ‘We couldn’t shoot all of my wardrobe,’ she told The Coveteur when she let them in to snoop. ‘I’m living in New York. You make the best of the space that you have.’

Jamie King
It’s essentially a well-stocked boutique, isn’t it? We're really enjoying the display hooks in this room, allowing Jaime to stand back and admire her favourite trophy clothes as if they were artworks. 

Picture source: Christopher Patey via Domaine

Christina Aguilera
And here’s X-tina, just archiving a few pairs of old Choos up a ladder in her shoe library.

Picture source: Woodson & Rummerfield

Yolanda Foster
The Real Housewives star and mother to Bella and Gigi Hadid has a space of department store-like proportions to keep her stuff in. It’s undoubtedly bigger and more valuable than our entire flat.

Picture source: Domaine. 

Carrie Bradshaw
Oh please, of course we were going to end with this one. Everybody’s ultimate, Carrie Bradshaw’s closet was a treasure trove of new and vintage designer labels - and the perfect venue for many a girls' night in. These will forever be our #ClosetGoals.


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