The Important detail you missed on Beyonce’s Grammys dress

Bey doesn’t need an award to win the show.

While you were busy being distracted by Blue Ivy’s pink suit and Adele’s marriage revelation at the Grammys 2017, you missed a very important detail on Beyonce’s dress. And it’s a crying shame.

Let us correct this horrible mistake. Bey took to the stage in a fabulous gold dress, teamed with a halo crown. Because Queen B.

On closer inspection, you’ll notice that her gown features a face on the stomach area, but not just any face. Oh no: Beyonce’s face.

beyonce grammys dress

That’s right, Beyonce wore her own face on her pregnant belly and we’re not even surprised because she announced her pregnancy in her underwear and it almost broke Instagram.

The bespoke gown was created by Peter Dundas, who was inspired by Art Deco motifs, the African goddess Oshun and the lyrics of Beyonce’s Love Drought song. Sure.

Let’s be honest, Beyonce does not need awards at this stage. She’s beyond awards.

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