Angelina Jolie And Elle Fanning Prove Opposites Attract At The Maleficent Premiere In Tokyo

Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning couldn't have looked more different

Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning looked as different as night and day at the Maleficent premiere in Tokyo. The two actresses shared the stage – a castle, really – outside Tokyo’s Ebisu Garden Place, promoting their film, in  two very stunning, yet contrasting outfits.

Ange wore a minimal, form-fitting velvet strapless Atelier Versace dress, while Elle flounced around the stage set in a Sleeping Beauty-style white Alexander McQueen gown.

Both outfits were clear reflections of the actresses’ characters in Maleficent, which has recently become Angelina’s highest grossing film.

Although the two looked totally different, they were equally enthused to get involved with fans and both jumped right in to snap selfies and sign autographs with the crowd. 

Which look do you like better? Share your thoughts in the comments box below… 

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