Max Irons And Sam Claflin Talk On-Set Antics, Competitive Streaks And Channelling Their Dark Side

Our interview with stars of The Riot Club, Max Irons and Sam Claflin.

You can’t have failed to hear the buzz about new film The Riot Club. Starring some of Britain’s hot, young rising stars, it’s based on Laura Wade’s stage play Posh, and tells the story of an elitist Oxford University club with echoes of the infamously raucous Bullingdon Club.

It’s set to be autumn’s hottest film so we jumped at the chance to meet two of the movie’s leading men, Max Irons and Sam Claflin.

Watch our interview with the boys below to hear them talking on-set antics, competitive streaks and channelling their darker side.

The Riot Club is out 19 September.

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