Roman Polanski to direct ‘Tony Blair’ movie

Roman Polanski to direct thriller about former prime minister - and rumours abound it's Blair

HE MAY NO longer be in office but Tony Blair will continue to hit the headlines when film director Roman Polanski directs a thriller about a former prime minister – rumoured to be modelled on the ex PM.

The movie will be an adaptation of the Robert Harris novel, The Ghost, which tells the tale of former premier Adam Lang, who faces the peril of a war crimes trial and hires a ghostwriter to write his memoirs.

When the book was published in October this year, rumours were rife that the character Lang is based on Blair.

Adding fuel to the fire, Robert Harris is a also a political journalist and was once friends with the ex-prime minister, before becoming disillusioned with him several years ago.

Oscar-winner Polanski said in a statement: ‘I have been looking for a political thriller to direct for some time and ‘The Ghost’ could not be more perfect.’

The Pianist director will co-write the screenplay with Harris and filming is set to begin next year.

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