Naomi Campbell’s £350 beauty secret

What's Naomi Campbell's £350 beauty secret?

SUPERMODEL NAOMI CAMPBELL regularly flitters away a whopping £350 on a top beauty treatment – artificial eyelashes.

The model has always put her stunning looks down to good old genes, but a friend revealed she does have a helping hand.

The 37-year-old model has developed an expensive penchant for false eyelash extensions, which are said to give instant lift and length, eliminating the need for mascara.

Each hand-cut, synthetic lash is painstakingly attached to the end of her natural eyelash using a cosmetic glue, and last for about six weeks.

Miss Campbell has regular treatments, lasting up to about four hours a time.

One source told the Daily Mail: ‘With eyelash extensions, she gets all the effects of mascara without the fuss of clogging make-up and at night, does not have to waste time removing every last trace of it.’

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