Disney’s Year Of A Million Dreams

Rachel Weisz and a host of celebrities bring fairytales to life for Disney's new campaign

RACHEL WEISZ HAS posed as Snow White for photographer to the stars, Annie Leibovitz.

The photograph is from a portfolio of images for Disney’s Year Of A Million Dreams celebrations.

Other celebrities who have supported the campaign include Dame Julie Andrews posing as the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio and tennis star Roger Federer as King Arthur.

A spokesman for Disney said the campaign was ‘about the imaginations and dreams that are inside us all’.

In a previous Disney campaign, Scarlett Johansson portrayed Cinderella, David Beckham played the Prince from Sleeping Beauty, and Beyonce transformed into Alice in Wonderland.

We can look also look forward to more Disney magic as Leibovitz intends to shoot Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and, Ariel, The Little Mermaid.

Redheads all over Hollywood will no doubt be battling it out for the chance to don a fishtail.

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