Courtney Love and Mickey Rourke secretly dating

The Tinseltown pair have apparently been dating for weeks

Courtney Love and Mickey Rourke have been secretly dating for the past few weeks, according to reports.

Apparently, the fun-loving pair have been hooking up for secret trysts since before the Golden Globes.

Courtney has quite a crush on Mickey and finds him utterly compelling,’ an insider told the Mirror.
‘They’ve known each other for years – she’s stuck by him through the good times and the bad. Now he’s back on the Hollywood A-list he’s gone up another notch in the desirability stakes.’
The source added: ‘Mickey texted Courtney totally out of the blue, around the time of the Golden Globes, asking to take her out for the night.
‘They met up in secret and had an awesome evening. Let’s just say they didn’t stop at holding hands and a chaste peck on the cheek.’

We reckon it’s a match made in heaven!


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