Cheryl and Liam face fine over late registration of son’s birth


Cheryl and Liam are so besotted with their new arrival that they’ve overlooked a pretty important detail.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the pair are yet to complete all of the relevant paperwork, including actually registering their son’s birth. Whoops.

Legally, a newborn’s birth must be recorded within 42 days of their arrival, but Cheryl and Liam are now five days late in doing so. As a result, they could face a maximum fine of over £200.

The couple will no doubt have been so busy getting used to being parents that they completely forgot to register him – they only recently decided on a name, after all. Liam confirmed their son’s name is Bear Payne in response to a tweet from Bear Grylls last week.

Very sweet.

Let’s hope the pair remember to get their son registered soon!

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