Beyoncé Just Treated Us To Her Most Fabulous Concert Look Yet

Just when we think Bey's tour wardrobe can't possibly get any more major... it does

Beyoncé‘s latest tour look is so cool we almost have to look away.

Seriously, after every show we think the superstar can’t possibly top herself – and then she goes and does something like this.

Last night, Yonce captured our hearts with her beaded leotard – and then pushed us over the edge with those thigh-high boots.

The colourful Emilio Pucci leotard zips up the front and highlights her tiny waist – and her killer cleavage.

And those boots.

The lace-up, rust-coloured suede boots are dominatrix meets Robin Hood meets awesome. (Did we mention we like that boots?)

And in case you were wondering, they look just as fierce when lit by impromptu explosions in the background.

At this point, we’d willingly go see her concert at the O2 wearing earplugs, just so we could scope the clothes. (Of course, we’d prefer to hear the music, too. I mean, it’s Beyoncé…)

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