Best Books Of Summer

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  • Not sure what to pack for summer holiday? Here's our round-up of the best books to read poolside

    Look. Packing for a holiday can be difficult, yes? Forget the usual which-bikini-to-take-oh-I’ll-take-all-five scenarios. We’re talking books. Lovely, wonderful, amazing books that transport you to another world/ break your heart/make you laugh like a crazy lady/scare you senseless (not all at once). You want to make sure you have the best books of summer in your case, but what if (brace yourselves) you make a mistake?

    What if you turn up for your precious holiday, settle down for a long, leisurely read and find that what you’ve brought along just doesn’t cut it. What if you find out that, instead of packing the best books of summer, you have, in fact, packed a clutch of real duds?

    Make a wrong decision and you’re faced with a fortnight of reading the hotel bar menu (back and front, English/Spanish/French/German/Italian – the word ‘salad’ is surprisingly similar in all these languages). Or if you try buying a book at the hotel shop it will feature a woman on the cover in a bursting corset being dominated by a caddish man with sensitive eyes.

    Fear not. We’ve chosen the best books of summer, which would also make pretty kick ass gifts for book lovers if you’ve got a birthday coming up. So whether you download them before leaving (take your charger, people. Do we have to mention the adaptor?), or line them up carefully in the bottom of your case, covers facing up so they look at you enticingly as you unpack on arrival (oh, that’s just us, is it?), you won’t be disappointed.

    There’s everything here from literary page-turners, romances, heart-wrenching memoirs, thrillers, perfectly crafted short stories and a trashy read, too (hey, Mr Grey, how’s it going?).

    Some are new, some are books that we’ve loved to bits and want to read again, others are ones we’ve been meaning to get to. All of them come highly recommended. There are prize-winners, best-sellers, word-of-mouth successes and ones that defy all commonsense and yet still, still we turn those pages. (You still here, Mr G?)

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