It Looks Like Beyoncé And Cara Delevingne Are Making Music Together…

A sentence we never thought we'd write.

Beyoncé and Cara Delevingne are making music together. That’s if the teasing photos the pair posted on Instagram over the weekend are to be believed.

Queen Bey and the model supremo posted matching snaps on Insta of their perfectly manicured hands on what appears to be the same audio mixing desk.

We can only assume one thing: that the pair are making sweet, sweet music together. Think that’s odd? These are the 9 most surprising music collaborations of all time

Cara has made no secret of her desire to try her hand at acting and music, something she’s already alluded too with her star turn in the Chanel campaign below (skip to around 5 mins to hear Cara D’s lovely voice). And Beyoncé is, well, she’s Beyoncé. So, we’re expecting great things from this unexpected collaboration

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