Beckham buys Posh £750 book

Beckham buys Posh £750 'loo read'

Back in 2005, Victoria Beckham famously admitted she’d never read a book – perhaps David’s £750 purchase is set to change all that.

The generous star has splashed out on a limited-edition signed Valentino fashion volume.

There are only 2,000 copies of Valentino Garavani: First Name in Fashion, which features pictures from the career of one of Posh’s favourite designers and commentary from leading fashion writers.

‘It will make for some good toilet reading for Victoria,’ one source told The Sun.
‘Most people might get a puzzle or gardening book in their stocking – but Posh gets this.’

Alternatively, the copy, which is covered in ‘elegant’ cloth and finished with silk tinted in Valentino red, would be perfect for a Beckham coffee table.

It might not be Austen or Shakespeare, but this is one read that might just turn Posh into a bookworm.

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