Men will outlive women as they get healthier

Baby boys will be the first generation to outlive their female counterparts

Men are predicted to outlive women as they get healthier, while female life expectancy will stall.

Until now women have been predicted to live an extra six years on men but with the increase in binge drinking, lung cancer and obesity, the trend seems to have been reversed.

Experts advising the Office of National Statistics population project department forecast boys aged 12 will see in their 87th birthday if they reach 30 without health problems.

According to experts, women’s bodies sustain more damage from smoking, drinking and extra weight so while statistics suggest men have become healthier, women’s health has deteriorated.

Improvements in treatment of heart disease has also had a greater impact on the male population because men are disproportionally affected by the condition.

Professor Leslie Mayhew from Cass Business School, City of London University says a similar trends can be seen in France and Sweden, where the gap in life expectancy between men and women is closing fast.


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