The foundations that will solve every pale girl’s beauty woes

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Rejoice, because pale skin problems are a thing of the past

Trying to find foundation as a fair-skinned girl is no easy task (to be honest, looking for the best concealer can feel like an easier option). But fortunately, we’ve tested out shade after shade to bring you the very best foundation for pale skin.

Rest assured that somewhere in these 8 shades is the right foundation for you. First, we recommend this foundation quiz to find the one that’ll suit your skin tone, skin type and preferred finish.

Having the fairest skin of them all can be tricky business when it comes to buying make-up. As a teenager, some of your biggest beauty woes were probably a) that there wasn’t a shade light enough for you as you desperately scoured Boots and Superdrug, b) that free samples with magazines were always far too dark  – but lord knows you tried them all anyway, just in case.

And don’t get us started on if you need to borrow foundation in an emergency, because you’ll be hard pushed to find someone who has a shade anywhere near as light as you need. (Having said that, there are a few of us at Marie Claire HQ who have pretty pale skin.)

Having a face that’s a completely different colour to your neck? We’ve been there. Being asked if you’re of Irish descent all the time? Eye-roll. The dreaded foundation line along your jaw line? Pale girls, we get it.

Before applying the best foundation for pale skin, be sure to prep your base by getting your skincare right. Having the best SPF moisturiser in your bath cabinet is, frankly, pale skin 101 – and you need to wear some form of SPF all year round.

Scour our round up to find the right foundation, and then be sure to try them out at the beauty counter before you buy. Because the last thing you need is another foundation that doesn’t quite match your skin, am I right?

Below are the 8 best options in the pale foundation stakes available on the market right now. If you’re looking to save a few quid here o there, make sure to check out our best Black Friday makeup deals, Black Friday beauty deals, M&S Black Friday sale offers and the best MAC makeup deals for bargains.

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