Ombre hair: The sunkissed hairstyle the A-List loves

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Ombre is one colour choice that's still going strong - over five years since it first hit the scene. Check out our favourite celebrity ombre hair styles...

Ombre hair came onto the style scene a few years ago and after raising some eyebrows, was thoroughly accepted by the A-list. But no-one could have known that it would still be one of the hottest trends there is.

As lengths du jour come and go, ombre dyeing is a constant, gracing every style from Beyonce’s Grammys bob to Olivia Wilde’s mermaid-inspired Golden Globes ‘do.

And, while dip-dyeing leaves an obvious edgy line, ombre  hair is more subtle, ethereal and elegant option for a naturally sunkissed look.

As well as allowing you to experiment with different colours, it adds depth and definition to curled, waved and tousled styles, as seen on Jessica Biel and Alexa Chung – who pioneered this tresses trend.

Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge is another not afraid of adding blonde to her glossy brown locks. The end result was stunning and it really lightened and brightened her complexion. To achieve her laid-back ‘do, ask the hairdresser which shade of blonde will complement your own skin tone.

Lauren Conrad worked multi-tonal blonde hair for a long time and when it was time for a change she went for a drastic ombre finish. The light colour at the tips would be way too much but the fading allows for bolder tones.

Sarah Jessica Parker is another VIP who nails pretty much every hairstyle she tries but in our opinion, her ombre choices undoubtedly suit her best. The warm blondes are complementary to her natural palette, while the volume flatters her face shape.

Now, check out our favourite celebrity ombre hair looks – they’re enough to make you get down to your favourite salon (or even experiment with some self-styling)…

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