Ombre hair: The sunkissed hairstyle the A-List loves

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Ombre is one colour choice that's still going strong - over five years since it first hit the scene. Check out our favourite celebrity ombre hair styles...

Ombre hair came onto the style scene a few years ago and after raising some eyebrows, was thoroughly accepted by the A-list. But no-one could have known that it would sit on the top of the hair colour throne for so long.

As lengths du jour come and go, ombre dyeing is a constant. Gracing every style, from Beyonce’s Grammys bob to Olivia Wilde’s mermaid-inspired Golden Globes ‘do, this hair colour is a celebrity staple. Everyone star works the look at some point in their lives.

And, while dip-dyeing leaves an obvious edgy line, ombre hair is the more subtle option. Think naturally sun-kissed. The kind of hair colour technique that looks as though your summer ends have grown out.

As well as allowing you to experiment with different colours, it adds depth and definition to curled, waved and tousled styles. Jessica Biel makes this case in point. And if you ever need to add volume to a bob, this technique works wonders. A trick Alexa Chung – who pioneered this very trend – employs.

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How to do ombre hair

The good thing about this trend being so popular is that most salons now cater for the look. If you have time to visit your hairdresser, take a few images of what you want to achieve. This will show them whether you want your ombre ends to stop quite low down, or work their way up towards your roots.

Ombre hair dye

If you’re happy with a DIY job, invest in the right tools and hair dye for ombre hair. First, choose your colour. Ombre doesn’t just have to be blonde to brown, it can be pink, blue, purple, even green. Just remember, if you want to add a colour other than a lighter version of your natural colour, you’ll have to bleach the ends. Unless you have blonde hair.

Next, decide where you want the fade to stop. Then, brush your hair thoroughly, so there are no knots. This will ensure that your hair colour is even. Once your hair is prepped, follow the direction from your hair dye. L’Oreal Paris Preference Hair Dye, £7.99, is a great one for beginners because it comes with everything you need for a professional look.

If you only have a regular home hair dye at hand, use a paddle brush to apply it. Simply saturate the top half of your paddle brush with your hair dye and then carefully brushes through the ends of the hair. This will give you a natural highlight effect.

Ombre hair extensions

If you want to test whether you’ll suit ombre hair or not, try extensions. Paul Hair World stocks a great selection of human hair extensions in all shades. And because they’re made from human hair, you can wash and style as you would your own. All you nede to do is choose your extension colour and then clip them into your natural hair. To make it look natural, use them sporadically.

Ombre hairstyles

Now, that you know how to do ombre hair, check out our favourite celebrity ombre hairstyles. They’re enough to make you get down to your favourite salon, stat…


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