Jennifer Lawrence Hair History (Wow, Does She Switch It Up…)

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Jennifer Lawrence's hairstyles are some of the most sought after in Hollywood. When she says jump, we cut our hair into a pixie crop...

Jennifer Lawrence’s hair has been a number of different colours, styles and lengths in the time that it’s taken The Hunger Games trilogy to reach its gritty end.

Hollywood’s golden girl came into the business with angelic natural blonde curls and emerges, a fully-fledged actress, with a bold hair statement – the infamous blonde bob.

That isn’t to say the hair chameleon hasn’t tried other looks. Jennifer Lawrence’s long hairstyle was a glorious thick mane of hair, in which she wore plaits, top knots and even that catwalk wet hair look. And who can forget when after winning an Oscar, the actress stunned fans in a dark gothic look, dyeing her hair a rich brunette for the role of Katniss Everdeen. Though we loved the style change, we can’t help but be relieved when the star changed back to her natural hue, only this time chopping off her signature long length.

Following in the likes of Natalie Portman and Emma Watson, JLaw sported a boyish cut, after admitting the dyeing of her hair didn’t go as well as planned.

This hair chameleon has tried dark and blonde hairstyles but perhaps the most changeable aspect is the length. Jennifer Lawrence’s medium hairstyle was the one that we were coveting this year, wearing it with blonde highlights and a natural wave. After her dramatic pixie crop, she’s got us desperately dialling the hair salon.

But with the final Hunger Games film out this month, the ‘Girl on Fire’ has debuted a new platinum bob for her adoring fans, working lovingly against her pale skin and sweet smile. Though we’re not quite sure why the actress has decided she needs a new ‘do, we can’t wait to see what she’ll show us next…

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