The most dramatic A-list hair makeovers, ever

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From dramatic crops to makeovers spanning the length of the colour spectrum, we run down the most headline-grabbing celebrity hair transformations.

We all love a good hair makeover. For some, it’s a post-break-up revamp and for others, it’s just a bi-annual style update. either way, celebrity hair transformations are pretty much essential to our general well-being.

Whether you’re searching for a bit of inspiration for something new, or you’re just imagining life in a different shade, check out our favourite celebrity hair transformations and makeovers past and present for some ideas.

Who does it best?

Possibly the most dramatic of these celebrity hair makeovers are sported by the likes of Lily Allen, Kylie Jenner and Rita Ora. All style chameleons in their own right, these hair provocateurs love to play around with crazy hues and exciting cuts. Somehow, they manage to make it look oh-so-effortless too. Who can pull off wild things like the colourful sea-punk trend? Them.

And few can do rainbow hair better than queen Kylie Jenner herself. Her ever changing assortment of candy-coloured wigs have set the standard for multi-coloured hair. Both in the fashion world and beyond. Kylie’s own line of hair extensions and her fearless sense of style have well and truly cemented her position as a global hair-goddess. And her best mate, Gigi Hadid, has definitely taken on some of her hairstyle tips. They actually give us the confidence to pull off blue hair. Sure, we’re yet to actually do it, but the thought is there.

There’s also J.Lo who has swapped between flowing, ombre curls to sleek, dark new ‘dos. Lily James regularly flicks between her Cinderella-esque style and natural colour and shorter length. And Sienna Miller, who went from her signature blonde bob to a smokey shade of red, recently went back to blonde again. Although these stars haven’t opted for bright colours, they’ve still undergone pretty drastic makeovers. And as always, they’ve still managed to look amazing in the process. 
Granted you can pull pretty much anything off with a hot team of hair experts on hand. But, even if you are lacking in a glam-squad, our gallery will guide you to your next ultimate hair makeover.

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