#SOSSkin: here's how to calm skin down

Our tester trials Balance Me's range...

Our tester trials Balance Me's range...

Suffering from skin that seems confused and out of sync? This is the #SOSSkin video for you. When our latest tester, Gianna, stepped into the clinic, she was suffering from a case of acutely confused skin with complaints including ingrown hairs, spots in the area of the hair, slightly enlarged pores and skin that felt out of balance in general.

As is often the case when skin is misbehaving, the aggressive approach was doing nothing for Gianna’s skin. In fact, the harsh scrubbing that she found slightly reduced the ingrown hairs was creating problems and had the negative effect of leaving the rest of her skin dry and sending it into a cycle of overproducing oil. This, in turn, exacerbated the appearance of her pores.

We matched her up to Balance Me in the hope that using their range of natural products would help to regulate the cycle of overstimulating and stripping her skin. Watch the video to find how she got on and heed these rules if your skin seems to be a bit confused at the moment:

Skin Calming Tips:

1) Remember that a little goes a long way. Don’t try to overhaul your skin in a day - it’s an organ, not a table top so polishing it vigorously will only make it angry and compromise its barrier.

2) Learn what aggravates your skin. Start to look for potential aggressors in your skincare. If you have congestion, for example, mineral oil may be a problem. If you’ve dry skin, steer clear of anything containing sulfates. Balance Me is free of both the above, including parabens, artificial fragrances and other contentious ingredients.

3) Try new textures. Gianna wasn’t sure about using a balm cleanser but was bowled over by the results. Similarly, you may find a serum to be preferable to oil, or that a thick, creamy mask works better for your skin than a clay. Experiment and take notes.

Madeleine Spencer

Madeleine Spencer is a journalist and broadcaster who has contributed to titles including Grazia, Glamour, InStyle, The Independent, The Evening Standard, and Stylist, as well as offering commentary for the BBC, Sky News, and ITV.

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