Queen Camilla is a ‘great strength’ to King Charles

The royal power duo

King Charles Camilla
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Queen Camilla and King Charles III have been married for almost 20 years, after they tied the knot in 2005, and they may just be the power couple some may overlook. 

The couple are often pictured laughing with one another at royal engagements, and seem closer than ever, which some experts believe is down to the 76-year-old royal - who recently celebrated her birthday - and her calm yet confident persona. 

Body language and behavioural expert, Darren Stanton, told Betfair Bingo: "It’s been a very gradual process over many years for Camilla’s elevation to becoming Queen and a senior member of the royal family. In terms of her relationship with King Charles, there has always been a deep connection between them."

Though Charles and Camilla may not be "tactile", not in public at least, Darren puts that down to the strict royal protocols he has been immersed in for many years. 

He continued: "They’re not tactile like Prince William and Kate Middleton because they come from a different era. Charles grew up right in the thick of rigid royal protocols that the Queen inherited from her father. However, Charles keeps these protocols in place, and one of them is that he and Camilla don’t tend to show any public displays of affection."

However, Darren doesn't think PDA's are the telltale signs couples are head over heels in love. 

He went on: "There are other ways in which we can tell what kind of relationship dynamics are going on. For example, Camilla is Charles’ rock and very often on the walkarounds and civil engagements, she is there to fully support him and is never too far away from him. 

“Camilla gives him great strength. He likes her to be very close by as she’s a strong woman with a strong personality. It's clear that at times when he’s looking a little nervous, she’s always there right by his side - she is the calm one in the crisis. Camilla keeps him grounded - and as Prince Phillip was to the Queen, she is Charles’ sidekick to keep him on track.

“King Charles often displays pacifying gestures when he feels nervous. Some of his main signals include when his eyebrows come together or when he plays with his cufflinks. However, when he is in the presence of Camilla, there is a massive decrease in these types of gestures. It’s clear that she gives him great confidence."

But it's not all one sided, as Darren has noticed Charles also brings out "the best" in Camilla too.  

"Overall, Camilla has had a great effect on Charles, and the two appear to bring out the best in each other.”

Maisie Bovingdon

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