Prince William says he wants to go 'one step further' than his family as King

He opened up about his desire to 'bring change'

The Prince Of Wales, Prince William, Visits Singapore For The Earthshot Prize Awards
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Prince William has said that he wants to go "one step further" than the rest of the Royal Family when it comes to creating lasting change.

The Prince of Wales has opened up about how he wants to focus on fewer social campaigns in the future with the view of making more of an impact during his time in this role and then later, as the King of England. 

Speaking to British print media in Singapore, where he is currently on an official visit for the third annual Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony, Prince William said: "I care about so many things and previously the family have been very much spotlighting brilliantly and going round and highlighting lots — I want to go a step further.

He continued to express his desire to 'bring change,' telling journalists: "I want to actually bring change and I want to bring people to the table who can do the change if I can’t do it."

Prince William is currently visiting Singapore solo, while his wife Kate Middleton has dialled down royal engagements to spend some time at home with their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. 

It's clear the Earthshot Prize is a cause close to William's heart — raising its profile since its inception in 2020 to a global scale. 

The Prince of Wales has also launched new initiatives such as the Royal Foundation’s Homewards programme, a five-year campaign to end homelessness in the UK, which already looks like it will be a key part of William's legacy.

In addition to this, Prince William has pioneered a mental health scheme for the farmer tenants of the Duchy of Cornwall — adding another big initiative to his books.

But despite these achievements, the Prince admits he's still trying to find his way when it comes to 'social leadership,' telling the media in Singapore: "I think the thing that ties it all together for me is about social leadership. That’s what I’m trying to find my way in."

William continued: "I’ve been in the homelessness sector for a long time now, and so rather than just being patron, I want to do more. I want to actually build the homes, I want to provide them with the mental support, all the employment and the education they might need. So it’s all these wraparound services, it’s kind of going deeper and longer than it is the case of just having loads of causes that you sort of turn up and keep an eye on."

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