Prince William has responded to a comment about Prince Harry’s book

Harry's memoir Spare was released on Tuesday.

Prince William Kate Middleton
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Prince Harry is one of the most talked-about people in the world, particularly since the release of his highly-anticipated memoir Spare.

The explosive book, hitting shelves earlier this week, recounts Harry's life from his point of view, detailing his relationship with the rest of the royal family before, during and following his step away from royal life. 

A focal part of the memoir was unsurprisingly Prince Harry's relationship with his brother Prince William, with their fallout dominating the headlines these past few years. 

From detailing their distant relationship at school, their fallout involving an alleged physical altercation in 2019, and the secret code that the two used to communicate when they saw each other again, Prince William was front and centre. 

As was Kate Middleton, with the memoir revisiting her reported fallout with Meghan Markle over the bridesmaid dresses at the 2018 wedding, publishing their text messages. 

These inclusions have proved to be controversial, with a royal expert reporting that Prince William is "burning inside" over Prince William's revelations.

"[William] is devastated," Roya Nikkhah said on Good Morning Britain (via Hello!). "The quote I used yesterday was 'he's burning inside'. That is how he's feeling. He's chosen not to go toe-to-toe with his brother and not retaliate, it's not what he does."

She continued: "He's devastated that so much personal stuff has come out, particularly given my understanding of what he knows about his brother, his experiences with his brother, how he looked after him. But I think that he feels very strongly that it's just not right to come out and go 'No, this didn't happen, that happened in a different way.' That's not how he rolls."

Prince William Kate Middleton

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Despite keeping a low profile these past few days, Prince William and Princess Kate returned to the spotlight yesterday, paying an official visit to Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

While greeting well-wishers on their way into the hospital, Prince William appeared to make a comment on the situation.

Fans called out support to the couple, with one patient, reported to be 81-year-old Sylvia Staniford, allegedly telling Prince William: "Keep going, keep going. Scousers love you."

Prince William is reported to have smiled back at her, replying: "Yes, I will."

"Of course, that was a reference to Harry," Sylvia Staniford explained afterwards, via The Express. "He knew what I was talking about."

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