Kate Middleton is ‘tougher’ than people know behind the scenes

The Princess of Wales is 'a lot more steely' according to an insider

Kate Middleton
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The Princess of Wales is often considered the 'face' of the royal family, and over the years royal experts and insiders have claimed that she holds the future of the monarchy in her hands

Kate Middleton has committed herself to royal duties since marrying Prince William in 2011, and there have been subtle indications that she is preparing herself for her future role as Queen

Alongside her husband, it is believed that the Princess is hoping to retain tradition while also adopting new approaches to move the monarchy into the modern day and ensure that the members of the family more relatable

Journalist and royal author Valentine Low has discussed how Kate is often deemed as a gentle force in public, but behind the scenes she is considered to be 'steely' and 'tougher' than many give her credit for. 

According to Low, she is playing the 'long game' when it comes to positioning herself well for her future role as the Queen.

As per The Express, he said: "Interestingly, behind the scenes, she’s a lot more steely, a lot tougher than we give her credit.

"She’s this nice-looking woman, dresses nicely, smiles nicely, adopts sort of fairly uncontroversial charities. You know, they think she’s slightly bland."

He also noted how it was reportedly Kate's decision to include the now infamous line in the Palace's response to accusations from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with the addition 'some recollections may vary' said to have been the Princess' advice.

In the updated version of his re-released book Courtiers, Low claims writes: "There were some people in other [royal] households, who felt it would antagonise Harry and Meghan and would go down badly and just keep the whole unpleasantness going. But it was Kate who really strongly made the argument.

"[Kate] thinks very carefully about the long-term security and strength and stability of the royal family as an institution... She’s good. She has a good eye on the big picture, the long game."

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