Kate is 'eligible' for this prestigious royal title - but has to wait for Charles' approval

"She's our future queen, she's a Princess of Wales - it's time for her."

Kate Middleton
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In recent years, Kate Middleton has been given a number of additional titles and responsibilities. Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, her and her husband Prince William were given the Prince and Princess of Wales titles, and when it comes to her patronages she now has over 20 to her name, with organisations including the National Portrait Gallery and SportsAid. 

However, it seems that she could also be considered for a very prestigious title if King Charles permits it

Former royal butler Paul Burrell has said that Kate is 'eligible' to receive an honourable title owing to her service to the royal family, but she will have to wait for the King to offer it to her. 

As reported via the Mirror, he said: "I wanted the King to invest Kate into the Order of the garter, but he didn't do it. I'm hoping that the King will invest Kate into the most notable order."

The honour is reserved for dedicated service to the royal family, and the tradition of the Order of the Garter began when King Edward III decided to set up his own order in 1348, inspired by the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. 

Every year, the Garter Day is hosted by the monarch with King Charles heading his first official ceremony earlier this year. The event took place at Windsor Castle in June to celebrate 'the oldest and most senior Order of Chivalry', but while Kate attended she wasn't offered the title. 

At the ceremony last summer, the late Queen Elizabeth II bestowed the honour of Royal Lady of the Order of the Garter to the now-Queen Camilla, and Burrell believes that Kate could be in line for the title herself in the coming years. 

He added: "I'm hoping that he's going to do that, if he does it will make headlines, she deserves it. She's our future queen, she's a Princess of Wales, it's time for her to become a Lady member of the Garter.

"She doesn't have to wait for someone to die because there's no limit on royal members of the Garter."

Current members include Prince William, Princess Anne and Prince Edwards to name a few. 

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