Should parents be sent tips on childcare via text message?

Government advisors blame mums and dads for the growth in poor communication skills among children, but should parents be reminded of ‘good parenting’ via text message?

Jean Gross, former Communication Champion at Communication Trust, claims parents should be advised of good parental tips via text messages.

Ms Gross says that mothers and fathers have to be reminded by text to switch the television off, if they had it on all day, and advised to speak to their babies after records show a 58 per cent increase in poor communication skills among children.

‘Every parent that I’ve met wants the best for their child, but not every parent knows what to do,’ says Ms Gross. But should the Government be allowed to reach into our living rooms?

‘Parents are not doing a bad job, but often they need the information to do better,’ she says.

Ms Gross pitched the idea in her last report after she found problems with speaking, reading and writing in children have increased by more than 50 per cent.

She insists the messages will be informative and fun rather than patronising.

‘Governments of all persuasions are afraid of being seen to interfere in family life and being seen as the nanny state,’ says Ms Gross.

But she stresses that a text service of this kind would be voluntary, and could also include advice on other aspects of parenthood such as health, sleep, food and toilet training.

While many of us sign up for weekly or monthly text updates on best deals or newsletters from our favourite shops or restaurants, does a subscription to Government advice on parenting seem relevant in the digital age?

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