COVID-19 Global Diaries: 'I was a literature student now I'm a volunteer nurse'

In Italy Martina Domenici didn't think twice about answering her government's call to action and is on the frontline caring for infected patients

I’m 27 and some say I have a natural talent for describing people’s souls. This led me to attend a Marie Claire project a year ago. I submitted a heartfelt story about a transgender person and it was published. But these days, I’ve had to forget about spending time writing stories.

I could have rested on my sofa, waiting for my creative writing school to re-open, waiting for the end of this grave storm… But I decided to answer one of the Italian government’s numerous calls: there was a need for medical professionals everywhere in the country. I volunteered and was assigned to a hospital in the middle of Italy, dedicated to treating COVID-19 infected patients.

volunteer nurse

Martina Domenici working in hospital

I’m an emergency nurse now running to hospital wards. ‘It’s my job. I can’t not do this.’ This is what I say when people ask me why I’m here. I go from one exhausting shift to the next, in a ward that gets busier by the day. My mind is super stressed-out but it’s important for me to say what’s happening inside the hospitals.’

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