Sloggi’s undercover stars feel as good as they look

Promotional feature with sloggi

Looking for gorgeous lingerie that doesn’t rub, squeeze or pinch? Say hello to S, the premium line from sloggi that’s got us all talking

Ladies, let’s talk underwear. Not the whimsical pieces that live at the back of your undies drawers for ‘special occasions’, but those ‘don’t even need to glance in the mirror’ sets you can rely on because you know #youlookamazing.

Remember that gasp of satisfaction (and amazement) when you look in the mirror and realise your underwear fits like a dream and not only that, you look absolutely fantastic? That’s exactly what the designers at sloggi have given us with Serenity from the the S collection – comfort, support and sheer body-boosting confidence.


When it comes to looking amazing, no-one does it better than style influencer Hannah Crosskey, ‘Comfort is just as important as design to me, and with S by sloggi I get both. I hate having to cover it up, each individual piece is so stylish – from the multi-straps of the bralette to the soft shimmer details of the matching tai brief.  It makes such a difference when I wear underwear that really fits my shape. If it doesn’t fit properly it’s not going to do anything for me – worse, it’s going to show through my clothes and that’s not a good look.’

‘I could tell as soon as I felt the fabrics of the Serenity collection, that they were going to feel good on my skin, they are ridiculously sensual and soft. And I wasn’t wrong, my favourite – the S by sloggi Serenity bra-shirt – has an unbelievably luxe feel. I’ve never worn anything like it before, and it’s super versatile because it looks so sophisticated and feminine worn on its own or layered underneath your clothing.’

‘I think confidence comes from within, so if you’re confident in your body and the underwear you’re wearing, it will totally show on the outside. Serenity gives me that confidence, the cutting edge design and seamless fabrics like this body with spaghetti strap – it makes my body look good and the comfort is second to none.  Finally a brand you know you won’t let you down – when I’m wearing S by sloggi Serenity I feel ready to tackle anything.’

‘All the pieces hug my body beautifully, giving hold and support in all the right places and if I do find my bra strap is on show, I know it’s going to look stylish. It’s great when you feel your underwear is as good as what’s on top.’

We’re with Hannah on that – and, given that finding great underwear is on par with finding the perfect pair of jeans (an impossible task you put off tackling until the last available minute), we’re thrilled to have found a collection that knocks the ball completely out of the park. Why, thank you sloggi…


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