‘Do they know each other yet?’ – a royal wedding review by our 5-year-old correspondent Beatrice ?

'Is that the one that's getting married? The one with the orange beard?'

What a wedding! Prince Harry has married Meghan Markle on a gloriously sunny Saturday in Windsor.

Were you one of the two billion watching? Here’ s what our 5-year-old royal correspondent Beatrice Chadwick made of it all.

The guests

On Zara Phillips: ‘Is she going to have her baby at the wedding?’

On Princess Beatrice: ‘People call it RED hair but it’s actually orange’

Guests: ‘Everyone wants to see them. They must have made a long list of people.’

The Queen: ‘I think she looks old. I truly love her.’

Beatrice’s brother Teddy: ‘I like the bridesboys’

Our royal correspondent Beatrice with her little brother Teddy

The groom

‘Is that the one that’s getting married? The one with the orange beard?’

The arrival of the bride

Photo: Rex

‘She’s in a taxi! The girls are behind and the boys are in front’

‘They’ve been driving for a long time’

‘She’ll never get inside! She’s got such a long trail’

Photo: Rex

The royal couple

On Harry and Meghan: ‘Do they know each other yet?’

What do you think Harry is saying to Meghan? ‘I love you forever’

The carriage: ‘It’s like in Cinderella’

Final observations

‘I liked the Queen’s outfit best because of the purple flower on her head’

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