You’ve been eating Toblerone wrong your whole life

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  • Because of course you have...

    Thanks to the internet we now know all of the things we have allegedly being doing wrong our whole entire lives – yet have somehow managed to survive just fine.

    It wasn’t all that long ago we were told by the online powers that be the proper way to eat a chocolate digestive biscuit was with the chocolate side facing down and, you guessed it, the digestive side facing up.

    And if that hit you hard and your mind is still boggling from that particularly shocking revelation, then you might want to be sitting down for what we’re about to break to you.

    No, honestly. Sit down.

    Because you have been eating those delicious triangles of Swiss chocolate and flakes of nougart completely and utterly wrong this whole time.

    While you’d be forgiven for forgetting how on earth you actually go about eating a bar of Toblerone (since you only purchase those giant ones from duty free and at Christmas) you’re more than likely doing it incorrectly – but we’re all in this together don’t you worry.

    Turns out Toblerone bars don’t just come in that shape because they look a bit like tiny little edible mountains, but for ease of eating.

    You’re not meant to simple yank at the individual triangles while praying that one will eventually come loose. Nor are you meant to chew at it until you achieve sweet success.

    Oh, no.

    You’re actually just meant to use your thumb to simply snap off chunks one at a time by pushing gentle down on the tip of the triangle.

    Like this…

    Absolutely no mess. Absolutely no chocolate all around your mouth/face/in your hair.

    The only real problem is that you’ll probably have forgotten all about this by the time you eat a Toblerone again.

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