Women with these names are most likely to get pregnant In 2018

Is your name on the list?

We already know the baby names predicted to be the most popular in 2018, and now we’ve learnt the names of the women most likely to have those babies.

So if your name’s on this list… er, brace yourself.

The Office of National Statistics recently revealed that the average age for UK women to become first-time mums is 28.8. This has increased from last year, when it was 28.6 years.

Now Closer has worked out that women who’ll be this age next year were born between 1989-1990, and found the most popular girls’ names from that time. Scientific, eh?

So, here they are…

2. Laura

3. Sarah

4. Stephanie

5. Kirsty

6. Claire

7. Nicola

8. Jennifer

9. Stacey

10. Lauren

11. Lisa

12. Danielle

13. Rachel

14. Rebecca

15. Natalie

16. Amy

17. Louise

18. Samantha

19. Ashley

20. Gemma

Of course, this doesn’t really mean that much in the grand scheme of things.

So whether you’ve already picked out a crib, are busy climbing the career ladder or kinda just want to sack off adulthood and travel the world next year, here’s to an excellent 2018.

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