Cin cin! An official ‘wine time’ has been revealed


(Image credit: Etienne Laurent/REX/Shutterstock)


New statistics have pinpointed the exact time ‘wine o’clock’ falls. And it’s probably not when you’d expect.

Research from online retailer Laithwaite’s analysed data from its own sales statistics to clock exactly when ‘wine time’ commences.

It’s not 5pm on a Friday, or even 7pm on a Thursday. Nope, ‘wine o’clock’ falls on a Tuesday at 6pm.

According to the Express, the most popular time for people to buy wine or simply talk about it on Twitter, Facebook, blog and chat forums was right at the start of the week.

While it’s noted that general mentions of wine peaked on Tuesday, it was also concluded that women are far more likely to drive the chatter than men. In fact, two thirds of online talk around ‘wine o’clock’ came from us girls.

Additionally, Laithwaite’s cited that mobile and tablet sales doubled at 6pm, with London drinkers most likely to partake in ‘wine time’, closely followed by Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow.

As far as wine is concerned it seems that Thursday is no longer the new Friday and just two days in the office is enough to drive us to the bottle.

Luckily we've just discovered the reason why we say cheers before knocking back the booze, so at least we can be polite about it, eh?

When is your wine time?

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