Take Your Messages To The Next Level With This New Whatsapp Update

You can now bold up, italicise and strikethrough text

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You can now bold up, italicise and strikethrough text

A new update means you can now make written text way more expressive in Whatsapp. Hurray! Give your messages a makeover with this new functionality that allows you to use traditional word processing tools to embellish your text in Whatsapp.

Forget emojis, fun as they are - good old fashioned words can now be more playful or emphatic so what are you waiting for keen-bean-Whatsappers?

How does it work?

1.For bold text, add asterisks to either side of your text, e.g. *bold*

2. To italicise a word, add underscores either side, e.g. _italics_

3. To strikethrough text add tildes either side, e.g. ~tilde~

You can even combine the new formatting codes for those times when only something written in bold italics will do (eg. _*bolditalics*_)

Our verdict: Whatsapp is the best. And it's a feeling that's shared. Whatsapp is the messaging king, the platform has over one billion regular users, making it the world's largest messaging service. Social media giant Facebook purchased Whatsapp for $19 billion (£13billion) in 2014 and continues to run the service alongside its own standalone rival, the Facbook Messenger app.

Some other Whatsapp related news you might have missed: in early 2016 Whatsapp slyly introduced a hack that allows users to see a score-board style list of their most-talked to contacts (based on the amount of messages sent and quantity of data that has been eaten up through the conversations).

Whatsapp also recently introduced a quick reply function. When a message notification appears on your homescreen iphone users now have the option to click straight through and respond. Very handy.

There's also a clever Whatsapp hack that will allow you to read your messages, incognito, without the blue ticks ever showing up… You need never curse those little blue ticks again.

Happy 'sapping, folks!

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