This New Whatsapp Hack Allows You To See Who You Speak To Most…

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  • Ah-ha. Now you can actually see who you speak to most on Whatsapp...

    For anyone who’s ever missed the salacious gossip that was uncovered by checking the ‘Best Friends’ function on Snapchat, we’ve uncovered the next best thing; Whatsapp bezzas.

    Whatsapp slyly introduced a new function a while back that allows users to see a score-board style list of their most-talked to contacts (based on the amount of messages sent and quantity of data that has been eaten up through the conversations), and although this hidden feature isn’t actually called ‘Best Friends’ that’s what we’re calling it, because we’re going to use it to psycho-analyse every single one of our social connections and deduce who our closest mates are – naturally.

    The new function can be accessed by heading onto ‘Settings’ on the main tool bar, then selecting ‘Account’, followed by ‘Storage Usage’. This will bring up the score-board style page where you can view all your WhatsApp convos, which are ranked on the total number of messages you have sent and received in each one. (Group chats included). Clicking on each conversation opens up a more detailed analysis of your chat, and tells you how many messages, images and video you’ve swapped with the other person, too.

    Clicking ‘Size’ at the bottom of the chat allows you to rank your chats according to the ones that take up the most storage on your phone, and FYI, if you decide to have a major clear-out and free up some phone memory by deleting your chats in the main section of WhatsApp, you’ll need to hit the refresh button before newly freed up memory will show up.

    But beware – this function is going to take you on a trip down memory lane as the convos that were buried in the digital abyss of your phone are all available to view in one place. So that guy from Tinder that you spent 3 weeks messaging but never actually met IRL? Yeah, clear him out.

    Also, as far as we can tell, the data isn’t available for blocked contacts/deleted contacts. Ahem…

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