Whatsapp Gold: What you need to know about it

Listen up, guys...

WhatsApp Gold
WhatsApp update

Listen up, guys...

If you see an invitation to install a new app called 'Whatsapp Gold' pop up on your phone, avoid it at all costs.

The scam has been doing the rounds on Android phones in particular and claims to be an 'upgrade' of the hugely popular Whatsapp. The fake app - which also sells itself as being 'limited edition' - has already fooled multiple users.

The upgrade claims to unlock additional features like video calls and the ability to delete a message you've already sent (we can tell why people are clicking on this), but instead directs users to a site thick with malware which can cause serious damage to your phone.

In case you were wondering, this is how to read your Whatsapp messages without your friends knowing. What's more, this new Whatsapp hack allows you to see who you speak to most...

Victims of the scam claim that the invite message begins with 'Hey Finally Secret Whatsapp golden version has been leaked, this version is used only by big celebrities. Now we can use it too.' (sic)

The message (with terrible grammar, BTW - a big giveaway) goes on to claim that 'Whatsapp Gold' is 'activated only via invites and I am inviting you'.

Creepy, right?

So what are the steps to take? If you see the message, delete it immediately and get some anti-virus software downloaded on your Android, ASAP.

Us: 1 Evil scammers: 0

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