What Your Fingerprints Say About You

Are your hands really the windows to your soul...? Maybe.

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Are your hands really the windows to your soul...? Maybe.

From the lines on your palms to the way that you hold them, and even whether you’re left or right handed, it seems that your hands hold the truth to who you really are and how others perceive you.

The new word on the block is that your fingerprints and the formation of those tiny networks of lines hold the key to your personality. Who knew?

Dermatoglyphics analysis – or the scientific process that studies fingerprints in relation to behaviourial and psycho-analytical aspects – examines our prints and determines certain aspects of our personalities. So without further ado, this is what your fingerprints mean about you:

Curves – The Duracell Bunny

If your fingerprints are curved like the picture above, then you’re the type that is constantly busy and full of energy like the Duracell Bunny. You’re also a bit of a culture vulture and your Insta is full of images of you appreciating art at the coolest exhibitions and drinking beers at the edgiest gigs. You’re fiercely loyal and probably have some sort of secret handshake with your besties. You’re also pretty confident and self-assured about almost everything you do, so much so that it shines through in the way you hold yourself. Stemming from your confidence, you’re pretty good at making decisions on the spot and don’t find yourself being swayed by the opinions of others, instead sticking to what you think is best. While this is a mostly positive attribute, it can put you in the dog house from time to time and occasionally you find it hard to see things from other people’s perspectives, but whatever, you’re pretty great!

Loops – The Laid Back Health Nut

If your prints are quite loopy, then you’re so laid back you’re practically horizontal. Your friends would describe you as calm, serene and relaxed as well as warm and emotionally open. One of your best attributes is that you have a whole lot of empathy and that makes it easy for you to make (and keep) friends. While you’re pretty responsible, you’re not that great at initiating and you find it hard to make the first move. You’re in great shape and love a bit of Hemsley + Hemsley spiralizer action so your health game is on point. Your only problem is that you tend to find work boring and a bit tedious, so you regularly have to switch up what you’re doing.

Swirls – The Lone Wolf

If you’re more of a swirl than a loop, then you may find that you have a bit of a short temper. You’re independent and self-reflective and often hide what you’re feeling rather than open up and tell people. You may also find that you’re great at starting things but find it hard to actually finish them, which is due to your unpredictable nature. While you may not be the most reliable character, you find it easy to analyse your surroundings and use this to your advantage and you’re pretty quick off the mark on most things. You’re natural independence and distrust of others makes you a bit of a lone wolf, but once you’ve gotten to know someone you’re as loyal as they come, witty as hell and talented.

Which one are you?

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