Two 90-year-olds went on a blind date to a bookshop and now the world seems like a better place

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  • We’re wiping away tears of happiness

    Just as we delete our tinder, swear off OK Cupid, and declare that we have forever given up on love, we hear a story that has restored our faith in romance.

    Miriam Steiner, 93, and 90-year-old Harold Sharlin went on a blind date to Politics & Prose bookstore and café in Washington. Elderly and politically passionate? We love them already. Tell us more.

    The blind date came about when Harold’s granddaughter Jenny served Miriam in a restaurant and thought she would be a perfect match for her grandfather.

    And the pair who are both widowers thought there would be no harm in meeting up for lunch.

    The staff were so moved by the couple that they posted a picture of them to their Facebook page with the caption:

    ‘We’re not crying. We just have something in our eye. :’)

    Harold and Miriam, both in their nineties, met for a blind first date at the bookstore on Sunday.’

    Since then the image of the pair has gone viral, and Miriam told TODAY that they ‘spent the whole afternoon together’ and had a ‘very pleasant time.’

    She also spoke about how difficult it can be for elderly people to socialise and find someone to talk with.

    ‘It’s very unusual’, Miriam told TODAY. ‘We’re both in our 90s. We’re both handicapped. Neither of us drive … It’s not easy, making connections as a senior, but we need it. It’s up there with Medicare and Social Security. I hope people remember that.’

    While there’s no word on whether there will be a second date, our hearts are well and truly thawed out by the fact that romance can still be alive and kicking in your nineties.

    Best of luck to Harold and Miriam. (Hariam?)

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