Tom Hardy on The Big Breakfast in the 90s is everything

So much nostalgia right now

Tom Hardy Big Breakfast
(Image credit: Buchan/Variety/REX/Shutterstock)

So much nostalgia right now

How much do we all love Tom Hardy? Let us count the ways...

After the 39-year-old actor caught a thief a few weeks ago by literally chasing him down, a nation (or possibly, world) swooned at the fact he's basically a real life hero.

His candidness and casualness (remember these MySpace images) is always refreshing and we've just uncovered the BEST video of him, ever because back in 1998, a 20-year-old Tom Hardy joined Johnny Vaughn and Denise Van Outen on The Big Breakfast for a modelling competition.

We can't stop watching this 'virgo' with the 'dreamy blue eyes' (lol.)

We're also loving that 90s fashion. Hello necklace and combat trousers!

Delphine Chui