Tinder reveals daters' favourite emoji of the year, and what singletons care about in 2022

Single and ready to mingle?

Tinder 2022
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Online dating can sometimes feel like a massive chore - but when it does go right it can mean fun conversations, even better dates and a future to come.

It takes a lot of admin though, especially when it comes to building your profile.

Have you ever wondered what other singletons write on their bios? Luckily you don't have to guess as Tinder has given us a sneak peek into what their daters have been talking about in their bios -  via their annual snapshot, a Year in Swipe.

So, what are the most popular emojis? According to Tinder the fastest-growing emoji globally is the parking symbol - used to represent positivity, it's a way to show your potential matches that you're only looking for positive vibes when it comes to dating. Makes sense to us.

Other popular emojis found on daters' bios are the heart and plaster, representing you're mending your broken heart and also the red flag - which we definitely don't need to explain.

Our overused Netflix accounts also got a mention, with TV spilling into our dating lives, according to Tinder, with Love island ranking as the most popular show mentioned in bios, closely followed by Stranger Things and The Crown.

Despite spending time swiping while binge-watching our fav TV shows, we're also a nation of daters who want to try something new. In fact, the report showed that classic dinner or drink dates are out, while more adventurous dates are in. Mentions of mini golf, comedy shows and pottery painting in Tinder UK bios all increased this year, while other creative activities like camping, BBQs and street food all made it into their top 10 trending global Interests. 

Travel and sober dates were also a big topic of conversation. After two pandemic-filled years, singles were finally able to get back to exploring new places - with daters mentioning cities such as LA, New York and Stockholm the most. 

And if you needed a dating anthem, according to Tinder the most popular songs this year have been Sam Smith's Unholy and Bad Habit by Steve Lacy. Start the Spotify playlist and carry on swiping!

Be right back - off to update our profiles.

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