This Is How You See ALL Your Pending Facebook Friend Requests In One Place #Awks

Use this simple trick to see all the Facebook requests you forgot you actually sent. Warning: cringe alert ahead.

facebook like landscape
facebook like landscape

Use this simple trick to see all the Facebook requests you forgot you actually sent. Warning: cringe alert ahead.

Facebook requests often pose a plethora of social dilemmas. Who should send the friend request first? Will the rest of your friends see that you've become mates with someone new? And what are the rules around removing a pending request that you later regret? 

Well now, thank god, we can navigate around some of that online awkwardness, as Facebook has revealed how we can view all those requests you can't actually remember sending, and that are still sitting in digital limbo. 

But beware, because there might be a few blasts from the past that you don't want reminding of...

Once you've mustered up the courage, all you have to do is click the friend request icon on the top-right-hand-side of your Facebook profile and then click 'find friends'.

Next, you will be brought to a page which displays all the hundreds of requests that people have sent you, and that you haven't got around to replying to yet (because you're really popular, obvs).

Then on that page (in tiny writing that you would definitely miss if we hadn't told you about this), click 'view sent requests', and now, you can see all those awks pending requests from five years ago that you totally forgot you sent - on one horrendously cringeworthy page.

The girl whose hair you admired from afar at uni and wanted a closer inspection at? Yeah she never wanted to be mates, it seems. And neither did that guy you met at a party who told said he was going to 'keep in touch'. Yep, the rejection is plain to see now you've unlocked this feature.

Of course we're not going to tell you how to proceed next, but we reckon the next obvious step is a request-retraction en masse, followed by digging yourself a rather large hole in the ground and diving head-first into it.

But it's not all bad, because we're willing to bet not everyone knows this little trick, so once you've un-done all your embarrassing adds, you can rest easy in that you're now in possession of some serious social media knowledge. Kind of.

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