Need some nostalgia? These things will give you the perfect #throwback fix

Try these things to feel like a teenager again.

Spice Girls memorabilia
Spice Girls memorabilia
(Image credit: REX FEATURES)

Try these things to feel like a teenager again.

Seriously, what year are we in again?

It’s been one of those weeks where we’ve had to stop and pinch ourselves to check that yes, it really is 2016, and no, we haven’t mysteriously travelled back in time to our teenage years.

Why? Because recently we seem to be surrounded by things which we swear dropped off the radar at least a decade ago. From the Pokémon Go game to news that the Spice Girls are once again reuniting, we’ve been catapulted back into pure 90s mania. And guess what? We love it.

So to get the nostalgia juices flowing for #throwbackthursday et al, here are a few of the things topping the retro-revival hotlist this month to help you get your nostalgic juices flowing:

Pokémon Go

For fans who grew up with the franchise in the 90s, the new Pokémon Go seems to be ruddy addictive. Only a week after it had launched in the US, the game was already top of both Apple and Android app store download charts.

The first ever official Pokémon game made for smartphones requires players get out and about in order to find and collect characters, explaining why you’ll likely see people frantically running around outside shouting made-up words like ‘Pikachu’ and ‘Squirtle’. Because apparently we love a retro game so much, we don’t mind looking like a maniac for it.

#TBT and #FF (i.e. Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday)

Apparently we’re so obsessed with nostalgia that we need not just one, but two hashtags dedicated to digital throwbacks. Whether it’s an old family photo from the 80s or a snap from your holiday last year (complete with a grainy IG filter, of course) we just can’t get enough of sharing our old photos.

In fact, the most liked #tbt photo on Instagram last year – a super-cute photo Kendall Jenner shared of her younger self – notched up a whopping 1.9m likes demonstrating the true power of nostalgia.

Blink 182

Remembering bouncing around your bedroom in baggy jeans and a hoodie? If that’s a yes, get ready to have your inner grungy teenage heart stings well and truly pulled. Pop-punk band Blink 182 are back, releasing their new, seventh album, California.

It may not have belters like All The Small Things on it, but it’s throwback sound does include the Bored To Death – the band’s first number one in over a decade. Blink 182, our teenage selves salute you.


They were pretty perilous the first time around, but despite everyone’s better judgement scooters seem to be making a comeback. Reappearing just in time for the new school year, the focus is more on big kids this time round.

Giving you a way to satisfy your inner child and get some exercise, we’ll never get tired of whizzing our way through the streets nonchalantly, much to every other commuter’s disapproval.

Spice Girls/GEM

Forget politics – the most important news was that our prayers had been answered and the Spice Girls are once again reuniting. OK, so it’s not the full-blown reunion we’d hoped for but 3/5 isn’t bad - besides you can relive their 90s hey day with this: Things You Only Know If You Were A Die-Hard Spice Girls Fan

To celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary Geri, Mel B and Emma will be teaming up under the name of GEM (Geri, Emma and Mel, geddit?) to perform in Hyde Park next year. Apparently Victoria Beckham aka Posh is definitely out, but Mel C is still deciding. Come on Mel, you know what we want, what we really, really want… 

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