Mel B Says The Spice Girls Reunion Might Still Happen (And Talks Victoria Beckham's 'Diva' Moments)

Mel B had some pretty choice words to share about her friend and former bandmate...

Spice Girls
Spice Girls

Mel B had some pretty choice words to share about her friend and former bandmate...

Mel B's never been one to mince her words has she? And her latest string of comments about Victoria Beckham and the possibility of the Spice Girls Reunion are a further testament to her outspoken character...

In a podcast with Allegedly, Scary Spice addressed speculation that VB is a bit of a diva and revealed: 'she's very down to earth - she's just a bit of a bitch to people'.

Yikes. Was she being funny / sarcastic / sacrilegious?! We're not actually sure, but we're hoping there's no actual rift between the pair which might get in the way of the group's 20 year anniversary reunion that should be marked later this year.

Luckily we think Mel was speaking in jest, as she did credit Mrs Beckham with having a 'good sense of humour'. (Something we know is true, judging from the mega LOLs on Victoria Beckham's Instagram)

Mel then went on to discuss the potential Spice Girl reunion plans and added: 'It's a never-ending question. The thing is we are in talks with each other, closely about this reunion. So until there's something official to say there's no point in saying anything.

 I do feel it's getting closer and closer.'

Er, yes it is Mel - we're all on the edge of our seats, right now. Oh please, oh please can this actually happen?

A few months back Mel was telling us that the Spice Girls 2016 world tour is 'hopefully' going ahead with, wait for it, 'all' the original band members in tow - including Victoria.

Speaking to the Press Association Mel said: 'I think it’s our 20th year next year so we’re going to be doing something at some point with hopefully all of us.'

‘I think once you’ve had a taste of that you’ll always strive for that high. There’s nothing like getting up on stage and performing live to your fans and to a great crowd. You can’t beat that. So I’m always wanting that feeling back.’ 

Mel was addressing speculation on the possible celebrations for the group's 20th anniversary of their debut hit, Wannabe, which catapulted the five-piece to stardom. And we're hoping the entire band share her enthusiasm because we want this to happen so badly. 

When the rumour mill went into overdrive with news of a possible reunion last year we were thinking it unlikely that Victoria Beckham, who has founded a phenomenally successful clothing line since the band went their separate ways in the early 2000s, would join her former bandmates for the tour.

News of the five/four-piece reuniting first surfaced back in June when, according to The Sun, Isle Of Wight Festival chief John Giddings was trying to bring Posh, Baby, Sporty, Scary and Ginger back together for next year's line-up.

Whilst crooning along with her former bandmates to the sounds of Stevie Nicks earlier a few months ago, Geri Halliwell even teased the rumours herself. ‘I'm [in] with Emma and Mel,’ she said. ‘That'll be our first performance — in the mosh, in the pits.’

Let's just hope Victoria takes these latest comments in jest and gets onboard with the reunion just in time for festival season 2016...

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