The Marie Claire Body Confidence Survey: The Results Are In

We asked, you answered…

We asked, you answered…

To find out how body confident you are, we joined forces with leading lingerie brand Bravissimo to create The Marie Claire Body Confidence Survey and here’s what you had to say…



These were the two words that came up the most, with over 47% of you saying that right now you feel confident about your body.

But what exactly made you feel good? Well, it turns out a lot of things…

You said that everything from personal compliments, to buying new clothes, hitting the gym, your partner, skinny jeans, make-up and even underwear could put an extra spring in your step.

Looks like we’ve all got a Sasha Fierce inside of us, sometimes she just needs a little persuasion (or a compliment or two) to get her out.

Whilst we’re on the subject of bras, some might doubt its existence but we all know the power of the perfect bra is REAL ladies.

And the experts at Bravissimo have always known this and you, yes, YOU have backed them up with more than 56% of you saying you felt better about your body shape when wearing the right lingerie.

And that’s not all, 70% of you said that when you’re wearing the correct bra size you feel better in your clothes.

So next time you’re prepping your outfit don’t forget what’s underneath is just as important.

Though fit might be important, so is the right style and over 54% of you said good underwear made you feel more body confident, more so than buying new make-up.

Maybe next time you need a little pick-me up don’t head for the beauty halls, make a b-line for the underwear section instead.

We also found out that over 30% of you have never been for a professional bra fitting.

Whether it’s down to embarrassment or a lack of time we say it’s about time you invested in YOU and got yourself a properly fitted bra.

We’ll see you at the tills…

Head over for loads of great fitting advice, to find your nearest Bravissimo store or just to browse the full lingerie range online.

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