This is the shocking thing people won't give up for love

'I will do anything for love (but I won't do that)'


'I will do anything for love (but I won't do that)'

We all have a deal-breaker when it comes to relationships - and not just the things we strictly can't put up with in a partner, there's also the things we're just not willing to compromise in the name of love.

A new study by YouGov has examined the lifestyle changes people are and aren't willing to make for their partner. And one of the most common sacrifices Britons aren't willing to make might surprise you.

It turns out meat is a vice that 62% of us wouldn't forgo for the one we love.

In the survey of 1,652 people, turning vegetarian for a partner was up there with quitting a job and converting religion in the list of changes people wouldn't make for their significant other. In fact, only 24% of people said they would quit meat for their partner, compared to 29% of people who would give up a job.

The upshot of the study, however, is that its findings suggest that most people are willing make some other pretty huge lifestyle alterations in the name of love. 73% of people are willing to move house, and 49% were willing to move countries for the right person.

Social habits like smoking and drinking were also pretty high on the list of sacrifices people were willing to make, with 66% saying they'd quit smoking and 45% happy to turn sober for a partner, though 40% weren't.

In terms of the difference between sexes, changing ones appearances was the most divisive. 33% of men were happy to change their look for a partner, while only 13% of women were happy to.

The study also proves that we're not a nation scared to ask for change, with 42% saying they'd break off a relationship if their partner wouldn't agree to make a major lifestyle change and 20% of people would wait less than a year to ask for the change.

It seems we're a pretty lenient nation when it comes to making changes if we think we've found 'the one', but on the other hand we're also pretty committed to carnivorism.

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