The Great British Television Map: A Guide To The Exact Locations Of Your Favourite TV Shows

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  • All your favourite British TV shows on one extra special map

    Now this is the kind of geography lesson that get’s us really excited.

    An American graphic designer, Tim Ritz, has created a map of Great Britain that details where all of the UK’s most famous TV shows are set – everything from Byker Grove (cue haunting laugh) to Doctor Foster, Poldark and Peep Show.

    The story of the map’s origins goes like this: while watching an episode of the British detective drama, Foyle’s War, Ritz’s wife asked him where exactly south Hastings was in relation to London. Being a creative type he drew a map, albeit on a Post-It note, initially.

    But this planted a seed. ‘I couldn’t help myself’ explains Ritz on his website, ‘I drew where Downton Abbey was (well, where it is supposed to be set), and then Pride and Prejudice … and soon it was just too much for the tiny sketch.’

    So, encouraged by his wife, Ritz decided to research and design a comprehensive map detailing the locations where all the UK’s most famous TV shows are set.


    It’s really useful for anyone whose grasp of geography leaves much to be desired. And it’s a very engaging way of committing all those towns to memory – forgive us for only being excited about Slough because it’s where The Office is set.

    Not only does this handy map tell you where the shows are set it also gives you information on where they were filmed.

    Wolf Hall is listed as being filmed in ‘Various Castles’, which amuses us. And floating in the sea, even Doctor Who makes the map, marked by the location tag ‘All of time and space – filmed in Wales, mostly’. Excellent work, Ritz.

    Why not purchase the map to hang in pride of place next to your TV for convenient consultation mid-viewing? You can buy it via Tim Ritz’s site.

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