The Starbucks dress code now includes fedoras

'Please dress like a hipster at all times.'

Starbucks hacks
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'Please dress like a hipster at all times.'

A story about work dress code doesn't sound like it's going to be hugely fascinating, but Starbucks' new 'dress code innovation', which goes so far as to suggest recommended hat choices, is all kinds of amazing.

In a new handbook sent out to all Starbucks employees, changes were heralded. The company wrote that they want Starbucks workers to 'open their closets and have fun'. But, y'know, not too much fun - keeping their sartorial choices within a muted colour pallet favouring blues, greens and greys is important.

Employees are now welcome to have whatever hair colour they want, as long as it's kept neat. Beards and moustaches are also welcome, as are beanies, stripy socks, ties and piercings. Tattoos are also totally fine, as long as they're not obscene, racist or offensive (seems fair). Basically, if it would look right in an independently owned, quirky, super hipster coffee shop? Starbucks want you to wear it.

Even if it's a fedora.

Reggie Borges, a spokesperson for the company, explained why Starbucks has made a change in its clothing policy. 'For us, in the feedback, understanding this was something they really wanted was the impetus to make that change and provide an opportunity to bring a bit more of themselves to work and the green apron.'

 'We wanted to have a balance of giving our partners the opportunity to show more of their personality coming to work, but at the same time green apron does represent a lot... I would call it less specific and detailed and [more] giving them clear guidance on what the lines are.'

Some employees were excited about the changes, tweeting about being able to dye their hair fun colours.

Others seemed unimpressed and a bit confused about where they were supposed to get a fedora from or why anyone would want to wear one.

So, heads up, if you've got an interview at Starbucks any time soon, you might want to pop in a septum piercing and dig out a pair of braces.

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