Starbucks just dropped an all-new emoji keyboard


starbucks emoji
starbucks emoji


Caramel latte lovers rejoice because Starbucks has come over all Kim Kardashian and hopped aboard the emoji bandwagon, releasing its very own line of emoji.

Yes, it’s true. In a bid to not only dominate your coffee-drinking habits, the global café chain now wants to get all up in your keyboard.

The new keyboard includes an array of coffees, a thought bubble indicating you are thinking about coffee, a special golden Starbucks star, the sassy girl emoji reimagined as a barista and a unicorn #sipface. (PS we only just found out what sipface means, visit to find out for yourself)

That’s all very well and good, but you want to know how to download it, right? We’re here to help. The keyboard is free from the App Store and on Google Play. However, for iOS you will have to fiddle with your settings to activate emoji.

Once in Settings, hit General, then Keyboard, choose ‘add new keyboard’...

Then select Starbucks...

One more step… turn on ‘allow full access’...

And you’re ready to go.

Just what a unicorn drinking a frapiccino means, we do not know. But, hey, we’re probably going to download it, and spam our friends and colleagues with coffee-themed emoticons. Because, 2016.

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