Single-Dose Skincare Capsules: The K Beauty Trend You Need To Know About

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  • Single-dose skincare – in the form of pill-like capsules or teeny glass vials – is a beauty minimalist’s dream.

    It simplifies your routine in much the same way that detergent pods simplify laundry, when you think about it.

    Full of serum you break open and apply directly to your face, this delivery system dispenses only the exact amount of product you need. All with a twist, squeeze or tap, while taking up next-to-no space on your bathroom shelf.

    Suddenly a skincare arsenal to rival our shoe collection no longer seems quite so suited to the cause.

    You could say Elizabeth Arden’s Advanced Ceramide Capsules were the original ‘one shot’ capsules back in 1990. But now, thanks to K Beauty, they are having a beauty renaissance.

    One reason is that single-dose capsules provide a safe haven for effective ingredients such as vitamin C and retinol. (Though they aren’t quite replacements for your best vitamin c serums and retinol treatments.)

    ‘Both are notoriously unstable ingredients,’ says dermatologist Dr Rachael Eckel. ‘They swiftly lose their potency when exposed to sunlight and air.’

    These little containers are also a sterile means of delivering hyaluronic acid, a gold-standard skin-plumping ingredient. As there’s no bacteria from sticking fingers into tubs, the efficacy of the formula is never compromised.

    On top of that, single-dose capsules de-mystify skincare like nothing else. Crucially, they take the guess work out of certain anti-ageing ingredients.

    ‘Active ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid can cause irritation if they’re overused,’ says Eckel.

    You’re less likely to go OTT with capsules as you know you’re applying the optimal amount each time.

    Oh, and did we mention that these mini doses are ideal for hand-luggage, too? Weighing in at under 100ml each, they’re a simple solution for keeping skin soothed and hydrated at 36,000 feet.

    With so much to love about skincare capsules, scroll down for our pick of the best…

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