12 signs you've found your BFF for life


Thelma and Louise
Thelma and Louise
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Friends. Everybody needs good friends (or neighbours, if we were writing this in accordance to the Neighbours theme tune).

Your first best friend – aside from the Sylvanian Family member you had when you were four – was probably a primary school comrade, or perhaps you found your BFF later in life, bonding with a kindred spirit at work over a mutual hate of lift chat and crap colleague ‘banter’ – but just what makes a friend for life?

You know, the friend that you’re going to grow old disgracefully with. The one that you have so many ‘hilarious’ personal jokes with that when you get together, everyone in the near vicinity hates you. The friend that knows (and has judged) everyone you have ever dated and vice versa.

And 'the one' that you will definitely be getting rubbish matching tattoos with aged 80. Hey, let your bestie know you love them and send them one of these quotes that sum up your relationship with your BFF perfectly...

This is how you know you've found your true best friend for life...

1. They are your social media security blanket. Whatever you post, they will like. Immediately.

2. You have your own, very complex, form of language. One which exists on a deeper level of creativity to 'normal' human ears. Your boyfriend may label it 'annoying'. You know he's just jealous of your vernacular.

3. You could go a month (or three) without seeing her, but it doesn't matter because you're past having to prove your friendship. Unless you stop liking each others innocuous Facebook posts and Instagram selfies. Then it's over.

4. When you realise half of your wardrobe now belongs to her, but who are you to judge when you're definitely maybe wearing a top that was on 'loan' from last year.

5. Falling into their bed after a night out feels remarkably homely. You're left side, she's right side. Always.

6. You will laugh at literally ANYTHING they say. Even if you can't hear what it is they've actually said. In fact, have they said anything at all?

7. You always owe each other money, but somehow it seems to sort itself out without ever having to actually settle up.

8. It doesn't matter whether you're engaged or single, you both have the most killer maid of honour/ best girl speech ready and waiting. The hen party is also planned. As is the honeymoon. Because you're going too, obviously.

9. You vehemently hate all the same people.

10. Your brains are hard-wired to be in sync at all times. 'OMG! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO TEXT YOU THE SAME THING!' etc etc.

11. You talk about your bodily functions way more than is probably necessary, but somehow it feels so right.

12. You're friends with her parents, grandparents, siblings and family friends on Facebook. Thinking about it, you probably have more of her family on Facebook than your own.

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